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I've always said I'll read anything, and I really do mean that. Lately M/M romance has had my interest, but fantasy and sci-fi were my first loves and will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love histories and biographies.

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The Love of a Mate - Kim Dare This is my second favorite of the series (idk if anything could beat the first one) and i'm so glad it ended on a high note!

Interestingly enough, while this one still dealt with the wolves' chores and daily schedules and things, I wasn't nearly as bothered with questions about why and how they live like they do as i was in the third book.

I was so captivated by Caden and Alfred that i found myself not really caring about the why and how--i was too busy just enjoying watching them live it. i love how this book starts, which surprised me, since i usually don't like books that open with sex. i think the difference here is that i knew both of the characters already, and i understood their situation well enough to know what Caden's actions would mean to both of them.

It's interesting that Caden's actions through the whole book never came across to me as manipulative. I read The Librarian this week also, and it's fascinating to me right now to analyze my reactions to the two characters. I think the reason Caden didn't come across as manipulative was that he never pretended to be something he wasn't. he really was in love with alfred, he really was a submissive, and he really did want to submit to alfred. Alfred just needed some help working through some things.

And I think that's my favorite thing about this book: Caden took the time to really SEE Alfred, not just see his actions and his attitude. And because of that, he was able to set some things in motion to positively impact not just Alfred, but the whole pack. Caden didn't just want Alfred, he wanted what was best for him.

I was a little disappointed that caden and alfred never actually spoke about what alfred overheard caden say in the barn. i think that discussion could have helped both of them. however, it was good that we did see alfred reassuring caden that his looks and flirtatiousness weren't the only things that made alfred love him. i still wish there was a little bit more.

Great book, fun series. Ms. Dare never ceases to amaze.