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I've always said I'll read anything, and I really do mean that. Lately M/M romance has had my interest, but fantasy and sci-fi were my first loves and will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love histories and biographies.

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Don't Read in the Closet: Volume One - Jade Archer,  J.P. Barnaby,  Jeanette Grey,  Jambrea Jo Jones,  M.J. O'Shea,  Pender Mackie,  Dustin Adrian Rhodes,  Jaime Samms,  Justin South,  Sarah Black,  Zach Sweets,  Piper Vaughn,  Silvia Violet,  Deanna Wadsworth,  Stuart Wakefield,  Lisa Worrall,  Connor Wright For containing two of my favorite shorter works ever: Wanting and Bridges, and for being awesomely offered for free, this anthology gets a delighted 4 stars.

It was definitely not perfect, it got really long and there were some pieces that I couldn't finish because they were so poorly written.

But I can't say how impressed I am that so many authors contributed their time and creativity to this project, and that the moderators of the M/M Romance group organized all of this. Definitely recommended.