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I've always said I'll read anything, and I really do mean that. Lately M/M romance has had my interest, but fantasy and sci-fi were my first loves and will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love histories and biographies.

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Earth (True Books) - Elaine Landau This review is for the whole series. Astronomy is one of the science units in my 3rd grade curriculum, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to help the students learn how to do research. I purchased 3 different sets of books on the solar system, and I have to say this was by far my favorite. The facts are useful and easily accessible, the tougher vocabulary words are bolded and every picture has an informative or fun caption.

Additionally, this was the only series which covered missions sent to each planet, something covered in our unit but hard to find in books designed for children.

Lovely series!