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Wooing the Reluctant - Makoto_Sagara This was such a fun story!

It takes place a few years after the end of DH. Harry's 21st birthday is coming up and he gives an interview with Xenophilius Lovegood of the Quibbler that sets the events of the story in motion.

I was a little leery at the beginning of this story, because we start in Draco's head and he's still every bit the arrogant git that I loved to hate while at Hogwarts. Not only that, but he's grown up into a horrible slut as well. So when he decides, after reading Harry's interview, to formally court Harry, I was nervous about his intentions.

Needlessly, as it turns out. The story was wonderfully sweet and beautifully paced. The chapter headings are the ancient "rules" of formal wizarding courtship that Draco is following, and they added extra touches of humor throughout.

The sincerity of both young men as each realizes the other is serious was delightfully touching and so sweet.

The only thing keeping this from 5 stars for me is that due to the formality of the courtship I didn't feel like Draco and Harry really knew each other very well, even at the end.

Still a very fun story.