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Ryland's Sacrifice - Kim Dare 2.5 stars

The best thing about this was that it was entertaining, as long as I didn't let myself wonder about the motivations or background of either of the main characters or any of the supporting characters. And there's really hot office sex with a professor.... :P

Ryland is the character we're given the most information about--which makes sense, as he's the PoV for the narration. I actually did appreciate that he wasn't given the traditional back story, but that there was an interesting little twist in his family history.

I definitely wanted to know more about the professor and the lions. I can only think of one other series that has lion shifters in it, so I was fascinated by this concept. Unfortunately, however, we're given no insight into the lives of the shifters. All we see of them is that every Saturday they all get together and hang out naked while waiting for their human "sacrifice" for the week to be dropped off on the doorstep. What do the lions do the rest of the week? Why are they always naked when we see them? Do they all live in the professor's house? Why, if they have so many other lion-like mannerisms, and so much emphasis is placed on how much more like lions than humans they are at times, are they all males living together?

But I found my biggest question to be why they need to have the humans "thrown to" them. From the few descriptions we were given, these lions are all nice looking and would not seem to have trouble finding willing partners. Why the necessity of the "sacrifices?"

Okay, so frustrating lore-wise. But it's a Kim Dare book, so the sex is hot and the book as a whole was entertaining. I may continue the series... eventually.