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Body Magic - Poppy Dennison I only just now read some of the other reviews for this book and it's interesting how different my experience with this book was from some other reviewers'.

I felt like Simon and Gray's story wasn't finished at the end of the first book, so seeing in the blurb for this one that it was about a new couple actually disappointed me. Especially seeing that it was about Rocky. I felt so guilty at the end of the first book because I'd not been able to like him, and seeing that book 2 was about him I felt sure I'd been supposed to like him.

So I was actually delighted to find out that this book was as much about Simon and Gray as it was about Cade and Rocky. (And relieved that I wasn't supposed to like Rocky after book 1... :P)

Just like in book 1, I liked the way Ms. Dennison used so many familiar elements, but that she did it in a way that felt fresh. (Especially the little mountain lion cub! SO adorable!)

I loved getting to see how Simon and Gray are dealing with their relationship. It was especially fascinating to see them working through dealing with suddenly being mated when it wasn't one of those cases of insta-love recognition of your mate. Simon's panicked look when Garon told Kirby they kiss all they time 'cause they're in love was hilarious.

I think my favorite thing about this book, though, was Rocky. It was delightful watching him relax as he started to see that Gray's pack really was sincere in how much they all cared about each other. And I thought that he and Cade fit together just so beautifully.

What keeps this from more stars is just a few things the pulled me out of the story. I found it very difficult to believe that the council would suddenly start trying to force Gray to end their mating when they've still not even made sure everyone in the pack is safe after the battle.

And the other one was how one of the wolves said something about the alpha's mate providing strengths the alpha didn't have--and referring to Simon's healing ability. Yet, in the first book, I could swear that we were told about the Alpha's ability to heal members of his pack. Isn't that what healed Simon after he healed Garon?

Overall, a very fun read. I'm looking forward to book 3!