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A Token of Time - Ethan Day I've had the hardest time trying to decide what star rating to give this one. It started out super slow for me, and I had to force myself to keep reading, hoping that it would get better.

As the blurb says, Zac's lover gets killed the same day as this really famous actor. The first hundred and fifty pages (151/938 in ibooks) were a lot of Zac suffering, and a lot of flashbacks of Zac's life with Nick... and not really very interesting flashbacks. I found myself having a hard time caring about learning about a character who was already dead when the book started.

Once Zac starts talking to Jonathan and learning more about Marc the story really picked up, and I was totally loving it. I think I was hooked from when they sat and watched the video showing Zac with Marc back in the 1950's.

Speaking of which, I have to admit I'm a big fan of time-travel stories. I love that I get to experience what a different time might have been like through the eyes of someone who's just as much an outsider in that time as I am. I ADORED that Ethan Day chose a time when the people Zac knew back then are still alive in the 2011 present. That made everything so much more intriguing for me, that Zac got to know both the younger and the older versions of some of these people. I also loved SO much that Zac was able to change things so that Max didn't die. I was totally cracking up when Max was giving Zac shit about the letter he'd left.

I also adored Marc and Zac. I loved each of them separately and just couldn't get enough of the two of them together. And I loved that I got to (re)live through some scenes Zac had seen from the future, and yet that Zac was able to change things just enough from the future we'd seen in the first part of the book that I could still be surprised.

The thing that I liked least about the book (and I know this may be silly, and that it is 100% my personal taste) was that Marc aged an extra 6 years before he came forward to Zac's time. It had made me a little uncomfortable from the outset that Zac was only 20/21 and Marc was 28... And then to add another six years onto that just made me uncomfortable. And, yes, I know that there are bigger age gaps in other books, and I haven't been bothered as much by those. I think it was maybe that Zac was just so YOUNG! Twenty and 34 sounds like a much bigger difference than 30 and 44 for example.

Overall, I loved the book. It was definitely different from any other Ethan Day book I've read, but it was still very well written and I still fell totally in love with the characters.