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Submission - Chris Owen, Jodi Payne So, I've read a few BDSM books so far, but never one where it was more than just a few-nights-a-week thing for the characters. This was certainly the first book I've read where the characters drew up a contract and spent whole weekends together as D/s. I understand that some people found the first half of the book, where all of the negotiating and footing-finding are happening to be cold and clinical, but I appreciated the tone. Since this was all so new for me, I appreciated the way it was introduced slowly and clearly.

I also appreciated the explanations given for why Noah needed more than just a few-hours-a-week arrangement to work through some of his issues. I was anticipating, however, that we'd see more progress in him in this book, as I was unaware that each book acts as basically a chapter in the development of the relationship between Noah and Tobias and Phan.

I really liked both Noah and Tobias. I liked what we were shown about them as individuals, and I really liked the way they interacted together. I thoroughly enjoyed that we weren't just told that they were exactly what the other needed, but that it was also obvious as we watched them together.

I know some other reviewers didn't like the stories they made up together, but I totally got a kick out of them. It was trippy to be reading what was basically a story within a story, and it was fun to get into it with them and then have one of them break character and remind me what i'm reading. Fun stuff there.

I think the only thing I didn't like about this was the end. I wanted more to be resolved before having to let these two go... even if it's just for long enough to go buy book 2.

I started wondering after Noah and Phan went to dinner if a menage might be on the horizon, and I'm excited to have read that there is, indeed (but not till book 4, /sadface). I loved what we got to see of Phan in this one, and it seemed like he and Tobias aren't finished with their story yet, so I'm super happy that we'll get to see all three of them together. I appreciated how respectful all three men were of each other and the relationships among them: that Noah understood that some stuff wasn't his business (yet), that Phan understood he should let Tobias know he was meeting with Noah, and that Tobias was so patient and accepting when it happened. My only concern is that, based on all of the ranting and raging in the reviews, that Phan becomes unlikable as we get to know him better. I'm sincerely hoping not.