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Levi - Bailey Bradford 3.5 stars

This has the most effective (or perhaps just closest to what I imagine it to be) description of the initial pull of shifter mates toward each other that I've yet found. And I loved that both Levi and Lyndon (after the initial freak-out, anyway) actually TALK about what they're feeling and what they're both going through.

My favorite was when they run into each other in town, and are headed back to Lyndon's hotel room. When they scent the other cougar, Lyndon starts getting all alpha and protective, and Levi gets defensive. And instead of arguing or demanding or any of the other stupid supposedly-tough-guy-alpha things that I've seen dozens of shifters do, Lyndon says
"'All right. I'm sorry. I just don't know how to handle all this--all these emotions and instincts I feel when I'm with you.' Lyndon contemplated stopping there, but figured he might as well finish what he wanted to say and damn being coy. 'Or when I think about you. And I don't want you hurt, okay? I won't apologise for that or try to stop wanting you safe.'"

What kept this from getting more stars from me was, first, the editing. Not just technical stuff, either: in one of the big, suspenseful scenes, Levi's mom gets called both Cheryl and Henry (his dad's name) in the narration, and is once even called "his dad," so that threw me off and interrupted the build-up of the action.

The second thing was the epilogue. We've seen Levi and Lyndon having plenty of sex throughout the book. What we haven't seen is how well they're able to live together with their clothes ON. For example, Lyndon is still unemployed. What is he going to do for work? Is he going to even bother finding a job now, or is he going to hang out with Levi's family and try to track his own down? Why couldn't questions like these have been answered in the epilogue instead of having yet another sex scene?

And the last thing--more of a niggle, really--if this is set in Colorado, and is about a native Coloradoan and a Texan, why all of the British spellings?