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Striker - KyAnn Waters I honestly didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. I bought this, together with a few other books about athletes, a few weeks ago when All Romance Ebooks was doing a sports promotion in honor of the Olympics, and it was the last one of that group I had left to read. I think just about every other book I've read with a pro athlete as a main character has followed the same story line (athlete meets love interest (who may or may not also be an athlete), a relationship develops, athlete fears what being outed will do to his career, a crisis involving being outed arises, crisis is dealt with, men live HEA), and I was expecting that to continue here.

I love that this felt so fresh and original! Max is openly gay, Riley is privately out, and has no hangups about being involved with another guy. Yes, their relationship started REALLY fast, and yes, it is rather implausible that Riley the publicly-closeted athlete would hook up with Max the sports reporter, but they were so adorable and so hot together I ceased caring about plausibility.

And I LOVED that the big crisis was also original and unique. As was the way both Max and Riley dealt with it. They were so sweet together, it made me happy to read about them.

For being a delightfully original story that left me smiling, I'm giving it 4 stars.