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I've always said I'll read anything, and I really do mean that. Lately M/M romance has had my interest, but fantasy and sci-fi were my first loves and will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love histories and biographies.

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Gobsmacked - L.B. Gregg This book reminded me a lot of a M/M version of a Stephanie Plum book. There's the hot-Italian-cop love interest; the clumsy, awkward MC with a knack for getting into dangerous situations that end up solving cases; and the crazy, amusing townspeople.

Unfortunately, the first half of this book was just plain not fun to read. As it says in the blurb, Mark finds his partner cheating on him in their bed with their landlord, and then finds out that said partner has also stolen his entire savings. All of this just hit a little too close to home for me to be able to find it funny, and Mark's attempts at revenge seemed a little too hysterical to be vicariously satisfying.

And the bright spot of the second half of the book, Tony, ended up making me so frustrated with him and his stupid excuses that I basically stopped caring about their HEA. Which might be a good thing, since there basically isn't one.... Or at least, that's how it seemed to me.

Still, in spite of everything, there were a few amusing moments (the VERY pregnant sister and the donuts was my favorite) and I was mostly satisfied with how everything worked out.

2.5 stars