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Mate Test (Dragonmen, #2) - Amber Kell While not as good as the first, this was still an entertaining story. There weren't as many of the elements I totally adored from the first book, and there were more things that either confused, annoyed, or bored me.

The good:
Tor was an interesting character, and the relationship he's got with his dragon, Baroy, was fascinating.
The cat shifter bodyguards were fun to get to read about, as was the king's jealousy over their relationship with Tor.
Baroy was my favorite character in this story. His perspective on the different human events and intereactions was hilarious at times. And getting to see him and Tor totally beat up the "bad" guy at the end was fun.

What I didn't like so much:
The whole premise of the mate test seemed fairly ridiculous.
The entire storyline with Tor's kids and their mother just annoyed me. If he's been bonded with the dragon since he was 5, and the dragon won't let him near his kids for more than a few hours at a time, why did he decide to have 3? Wouldn't he have realized after the first one that he'd be unable to have a real relationship with them? And speaking of... the reasons given for why Baroy would hate his kids but not his lovers seemed silly.

On the whole, though, this was still a fun read. And short enough that the annoyances didn't bother me enough to stop reading. I'm looking forward to #3