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Midnight - Megan Derr So many blurbs or even titles like to proclaim that a book is "gothic" and I've been disappointed by most of them.

This book, on the other hand, never made that claim, and has to be one of the most deliciously atmospheric books ever! Much of that is to do with Midnight, the title character, who describes himself as a living corpse, but is really so much more. Midnight was saved by Devlin, and their relationship is what drives much of the book.

The book starts from Devlin's PoV and we go with him as he begins an investigation into reports of draugr. He's told Midnight to stay home so he'll be safe, but Midnight can sense how much it pains Devlin to be away from him, so he disobeys and comes to help in the investigation.

The second half of the book is from Midnight's PoV. This is when that atmosphere really began. Midnight not only can't be in sunlight, but has no choice but to sleep all day. So this half of the book takes place in darkness. And Midnight can turn himself into a cat, or a bat, and he can control the mist and the fog. And there's an epic battle in the dark and the fog between Midnight and the draugr that they've come to investigate. So, so, so awesome!

Midnight and Devlin's relationship was also beautiful and just so sweet.

And the side characters were delightful!