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Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt 3.5 stars

This was good. Just not as good as I'd hoped, I suppose, and that's likely entirely up to my own preferences and hang-ups. Even from the blurb I was a little skeptical that this relationship would come across as believable to me.

I loved that I was surprised and that the actual relationship between Angel and Dante really did come across as believable. The blurb bills them as two Doms, but they're nowhere near as hardcore as I'd pictured and are therefore able to function quite well together as a couple. I very much enjoyed that we were introduced to the two of them as a unit and made to believe their relationship before they tried adding Jordan to the mix.

What I ended up not being able to believe was how many professional photographers it took to complete their various assignments. Perhaps I've just never been to a wedding as big as the ones they're hired to work? But FOUR photographers? Two of whom are skilled enough to have individually won several awards? I was able to brush that aside after a while, though, by telling myself it really was because I'd just never been to a wedding large enough to need that many professional cameras to record everything.

But when Jordan hires them to take pictures of his horses and they both go... and then stand in the same spot, just with one crouching down, to take hours' worth of pictures of the horses. Hmm.

Now, I'm fine with an author doing something silly just to get all of the characters in one place so they can begin talking and to start something happening. But in that case, they usually gloss over the silliness and move on to the conversation and the "something" that was able to happen. I don't have to suffer through pages and pages of descriptions of the silliness.

Anyway, since I wasn't able to believe their business--the whole premise for them meeting Jordan--I had a hard time accepting the whole rest of the story.

It was still entertaining, I just was never able to lose myself in it like I'd hoped.