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On The Rocks - Ari McKay 3.5 stars

I appreciated several things about this story. I liked that the authors didn't try to keep up the secret identities from the costume party. I was afraid that the story would devolve into the type of misunderstanding story line that just frustrates me, so I was delighted that Mal and Aiden were revealed to each other so early.

I also appreciated that Aiden was the one who made the decision that he needed help, that it wasn't forced on him or pressured onto him. I liked that he decided to take control of his life and stop looking for excuses why he couldn't be close to anyone. I also liked that it made him a much more likable and sympathetic character.

The friends-to-lovers here just didn't work for me, which made me sad because that's often one of my favorite tropes. Perhaps it was the way it happened with the costumes and then the overreactions, but it just didn't work for me.

My favorite thing about this story: the rocks. That's such a sweet idea, and it's adorable that Aiden kept them all and kept them in the nice display case. I'm glad Mal got to see that.

Sweet story, with several elements I really liked.