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Blood Red Butterfly - Josh Lanyon This was, um, interesting.

First of all, I ADORED the cover! That's probably the main reason this got bumped so far up my tbr list.

As for the book itself, I felt like it couldn't really decide what it wanted to be. It wasn't really a murder mystery, because Ryo was certain from the start who the murderer was. It didn't honestly have much of a yaoi feel to it. And it wasn't a fun, fluffy romance (not that I expected such from Josh Lanyon, but still...) because neither of the characters was sympathetic or even very likable.

When the whole plot devolved into Ryo creepily stalking Kai and protecting him from an even creepier stalker, I rather lost interest.

I liked that the epilogue was after quite a bit of time had passed, that seemed one of the most realistic parts of this story. I'm just not convinced that these two are capable of having a healthy relationship, let alone a HEA.