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One Harry Potter, Please - Faith Wood EDIT 3/3/13
The more drarry I read, the more I realize I'm comparing all of them to this story. And frequently wishing they were more like this one. Because of this, I'm upping my rating from 4 to 5 stars. And also striking out what I said about the secret admirer thing being juvenile. Obviously, being new to fanfic, I had no idea what I was talking about yet. :P

My first drarry fanfic. Honestly I'd no idea there even was such a thing until just the other night. Now I'm afraid I might be hooked.

Perhaps it's because this is my first, but I had almost the opposite reaction of some other reviewers: I thought their longing for one another was spectacularly well done. Enough that after one of their kisses while in Draco's bedroom, when Draco confesses that he likes kissing Harry, and all Harry can do is say "Oh" and give Draco the smile he'd been waiting for, even though we were in Harry's head and he was confused for a moment before realizing Draco was staring at his dimples, I knew how much that smile must have meant to Draco and I totally teared up. So it may be more to do with me being a silly emotional sap, but I definitely felt both their longing and their joy when they discovered their feelings were returned.

What I didn't like so much was how juvenile the whole secret admirer subplot thing was. It reminded me I was reading fanfic (which I'm still new enough to that the reminder made me uncomfortable... which, yes, I know it's snobby and rather Draco-like of me.) and pulled me out of the story.

Overall, though, this was just so much fun! This Harry and this Draco were perfect for each other, and just so obviously NEEDED to be together, and I loved how easily they each accepted the other without plans to change or fix him. I also loved that neither lost his personality. That they struggled to agree even on who would pick whom up for their dates, was sweet and silly and just so perfect. And I loved, LOVED the paperclips used as a metaphor. It totally worked for these two as a way to express feelings that might not have sounded genuine if actually spoken. Beautiful.

Some Favorite Quotes
Annoyed that he was moping around because Harry Potter didn't like him — really, now that Potter wasn't around and Draco thought about it, he remembered he didn't like Potter either

The test had been horrid. They drugged him with potions, Veritaserum being one of them, and asked him ridiculous questions ("No, sir, I wouldn't help an old lady across the street. If she knew she was in a bad shape, but still managed to reach the street, then she could bloody well cross it!") and showed him odd inkblots ("Yes, that's a picture of people screaming in agony. No, it's not a pretty flower. Or a bat.") and, at times, they were just trying to confuse him. At least it seemed that way to Draco when they had asked the most ridiculous question possible: When in a life-threatening situation, would you pause to consider whether the person you're attempting to save along with yourself is a Muggleborn or a Pureblood, and would this have any bearing on your decision to save this person?

What an absurd thing to ask. As though Draco hadn't been in a life-threatening situation before and he didn't know what that was like. When faced with an all consuming fire that threatens to burn you and all around you to a crisp, you don't pause to consider. Even if the person next to you is someone who has stopped being your friend and you know they'd hand you to the Dark Lord if you make a single wrong move; and even if that someone is impossibly heavy because he spends his days stuffing his face and now he can't even climb up on the high pile of desks where you have found refuge; and even if you know that if he does climb up next to you, you would both surely fall into the fiery chasm below; and even if you know that you're choosing between saving yourself and killing you both, you don't pause to consider. You grab and you pull. And you hold on with the last remnants of your strength, until a scrawny boy that always have and always will hate you appears to take your hand.

"I like this," Malfoy said, pained, confused, still gripping Harry's thigh hard enough to bruise. "I really like this."

"Oh." Harry's heart almost burst out of his chest. He wanted to say, "Me too," but all he managed to do was smile so broadly his face almost ached. Malfoy looked even more worried, his gaze flickering toward Harry's cheeks.

Oh, dimples, Harry thought. So far Malfoy had confessed he liked Harry's dimples and he liked Harry's kisses. Which meant Harry had two trump cards he wasn't aware of before. Which was good to know if they were still playing a game, though Harry was no longer sure that that was the case.

You taste so good," Potter said and Draco's throat constricted. Potter didn't say it in a breathy, lusty tone and it didn't even sound like a compliment. It sounded like an apology, as though Potter felt guilty and he wanted Draco to know that his kissing assault was a natural reaction to Draco's taste.

"Want me to tell you a secret?" he asked and Potter nodded, his gaze flickering toward Draco's lips. "I think I'm a little bit," Draco paused dramatically, "gay."

"I think," Harry said, his smile wavering, "that's all we know how to do when we're together. We just hurt each other. But we can learn not to."

You were the first person in my bed, Potter, and it wasn't boring. It was . . ." Draco sighed. "It fucked me up for good. And now I'm gay and you're a fucking drama queen, so just" — Draco raised his tone again — "open the fucking door, Potter!"

"Oh, I see. Is this a Gryffindor thing? 'I Obliviated him for his own good, so that makes it okay'? Nice rationalisation. I like it."

"You're right, I don't have random sex. I wouldn't have been with you if I weren't . . ." Potter stopped speaking, lost for words. "If I weren't . . ."

Draco sniffed, disturbed to find that he was shivering. "Fond of paperclips?" he helped.

Harry chuckled. "Yeah. I'm very fond of them. I was fond of them for months. Love them, actually," he added, his voice barely above a whisper.