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Polar Bears Past Bedtime (Magic Tree House, No. 12) - Mary Pope Osborne 3.5 stars

My favorite thing about the last book was the connection that Jack and Annie drew between two of the things they'd seen or learned. I was delighted to find that happening again here, as it sets a wonderful example of the type of thinking we're constantly encouraging our students to begin developing.

The connection here, that night or darkness can be like a mask, was a bit more of a stretch than the last one, but it was still intriguing, and will hopefully help my students look at night in a new way.

The balance between information and adventure in this book seemed to favor adventure, but there were still enough facts given to make this feel like the other Magic Tree House books I've loved. I especially enjoyed how accurate the description and illustrations of the igloo and the clothing of the "seal-hunter" were.